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Rock County Unsolved Murders

Hi! I'm Terri Garcia, the author of Rock County's Unsolved Murders. You may have heard of my book if you live in Rock County, Wisconsin, but the truth is that we need to bring awareness of these unsolved crimes to everyone around the United States. People have family and friends all over the nation; suspects, victims and other people involved may know something -- whether you're in Wisconsin, California or Florida. I know this to be true, because the person who murdered my friend here in Wisconsin, was eventually found across the country in Washington.

David Landwher was murdered on September 19, 1988. We knew who murdered him and it was over something as ridiculous as a $2 phone bill. However, the suspect missed his court date and disappeared from the area. Family and friends suffered without closure for 20 years. If we had nationwide awareness of this case, he may have been located sooner.

Fast forward to October 2007 when the suspect was pulled over in Washington. He had been driving with a broken tail light and had a warrant for arrest under his assumed name. After running prints, police discovered that he was wanted in Beloit, Wisconsin for a murder charge. He fought extradition but was ultimately brought back to face his charges in December 2007.

Unfortunately, because the murder was committed 20 years prior to his trial, he was charged under the old law. He was finally dealt his sentence, but only received 10 years for murder and 5 years for reckless use of a dangerous weapon. We are so happy that family and friends were able to get some closure with these charges, but unfortunately it just isn't enough. Family and friends of other victims shouldn't have to go through this.

This is why I am sharing these unsolved stories with you. The longer any of these murder cases go unsolved here in Rock County, the higher the chances are that true justice won't prevail. I don't want this to happen to any of the victims or families in my book, Rock County's Unsolved Murders.

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